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        Changxin strong resistance of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd.  is a professional production of electric vehicle charger enterprises, seting the development and production together. The company located in the beautiful  lake of Taihu, the scenery  is beautiful, the traffic is developed. This advanced production equipment, complete, has a strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities, and a set of perfect product quality testing system.
        At present, our main products include: electric vehicle charger, charger, battery tester instrument series switching power supply and electronic products. Electric vehicle charger adopts the advanced charging mode adaptive gap pulse mode, suitable for 12V\24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 64V\72V\ 80V----7AH\12AH\20AH\24AH\30AH\35AH\40AH\45AH\50AH... The battery pack 120AH models of various specifications, effectively reduce the battery water loss, delay plate vulcanizing, prolong the service life of battery. I plant products in the design, materials, production, testing, aging of the scientific, careful, refine on, product parameters and the performance reached the same industry leading level, and supporting many brand enterprises. Production of the charger, charger detector by many electric vehicle factory and repair department as specified by product, market and consumer praise. Strong resistance not only with reliable quality, but also with good reputation and quality after sale service.
        We adhere to truth-seeking, innovation, integrity, dedication to purpose, continue to develop, refine on, the pursuit of excellence, and create the perfect. Manufacturing charger series boutique, brand shaping Strong resistance , warmly welcome all my colleagues and customers to visit us.


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        Address: zhejiang ChangXingXian economic and technological development zone
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